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. Sometimes Always Never is a movie starring Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, and Alice Lowe. A detective fantasy / family drama where a love of words helps a father reconnect with a missing son. Duration=91 m. 2018. Rating=1193 votes. Creator=Frank Cottrell Boyce. If your word crosses triple work score in Scrabble, you get three times the points you would get for that word.


Top definition triple word score unknown A reference to the game Scrabble. It can now be used as a descriptive word when something good has happened. Boss - "I am going to give you a raise. " You - "Yes! Triple word score! " Or You put your foot out to trip your friend. They stumble in front of some hotties. You say, " Triple Word Score! " #cool #yes #great #neato #awesome #score by northwester June 22, 2008 281 38 Get a triple word score mug for your cousin Trump. Trending RN - February 17, 2020   1.   OwO   2.   Skeets   3.   Clapstain   4.   honky-donkey   5.   pogey bait   6.   Breaking a choker   7.   saca la bolsita   8.   Off the yammies   9.   February 24th 10.   tiktokers 11.   Good Yard 12.   febuary 24 13.   Soft’ish 14.   hard as hail 15.   Crush-back 16.   National Give a Girl Your Hoodie Day 17.   February 24 18.   february 14 19.   cardiovascular bronchitis 20.   Bumfluff 21.   eyb 22.   i, 1, 2, 1/2, 6 23.   cpl 24.   Nouha 25.   Roop 26.   24 february 27.   amortal 28.   feb 17 29.   Plug and Play 30.   feburary 15.

Description Crush your opponents and score higher in word games with Triple Word Score. Enter your rack tiles and board tiles (optional) and see the highest scoring moves. Features: - Enter up to 7 rack tiles which can include 2 blank tiles. - Unlimited editing of board tiles. - Fast on device searching of high scoring moves. - Board and rack tiles are autosaved. Supports scoring rules for the following word games: Scrabble Wordfeud Words with Friends Droidwords Lexulous Wordsmith WordWise › Added 17 September 2015 Update 17 September 2015 Latest Version 1. 2 File Type APK File Size 933. 71 KB Category Puzzle Package iplewordscorefree Suggest for you Watch your favorite stars in some of their Rated 40/5 please insert external storage devices into the Rated 5/5 With SiriusXM, you can stream commercial-free Rated 30/5 Media Player App For Android TV, Android Phone and Rated 40/5 Watch full episodes of The First 48, Live PD, 60 Rated 5/5 Stay informed with the best of and play Rated 20/5 Android TV Core Services is a support package for Rated 5/5 BET+ is a premium subscription streaming service Rated 40/5 With WWE Network you get instant and unlimited Rated 40/5 With HBO GO you can watch big premieres as they Rated 25/5 Find the music you love and let the music you love Rated 35/5 VLC media player is a free and open source Rated 45/5 More from Rad Radish Play the classic board game Go on a Hexagonal Rated 3. 625/5 Train your brain and learn new words with Hex Rated 3. 56/5 Play Texas Holdem with people over Bluetooth. No Rated 3. 90769/5 Make 24 is a puzzle game where you try to make the Rated 3. 46667/5 Pimp your face by decorating it with items like Rated 3. 41667/5.

Triple Word Score! 6 likes 1, 017 views Matt Connors Robots relaxing just like the next cog. Jul 27, 2017 People & Characters Made with Blocks Public / Remixable (CC-BY) Remix this content This content is published under a CC-BY license. You're free to use this as long as you credit the author. Learn more. February 5, 2014 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. What does the game of Scrabble have to do with startups? Not much, other than being a game board sitting on the shelf in the break room. However, there are some valuable strategies you can apply from Scrabble into your startup business. Read on, this will soon start to make sense. Shuffle your letters. I can't tell you how many times I will be blankly staring at my rack of tiles, not being able to create any words. But when I start to randomly shuffle up the letters, my brain starts to see potential words that it otherwise missed at first glance. The business lesson here is when you are challenged by a specific problem, try to look at it from multiple perspectives. A solution may present itself that was not immediately evident. Translation: think outside the box. Related:  How Brain Training Games Can Help You Build Your Business Use your highest point letters. It sounds pretty obvious, but I have seen people play a six letter word for six points, and leave a 10-point Q sitting on their rack unused. In business, always leverage your best assets in any situation. Would you walk into a big sales opportunity leading with your stodgy controller or your firecracker salesperson? Or, as another example, don't try to sell a toaster when your strength is building blenders. Translation: focus on your core competencies. Play the highest point space. You want your tiles to accumulate as many points as possible in one turn. For your startup, you always want to leverage your fixed investment by driving the highest possible return on investment. For example, try to close the $5, 000 sale before the $2, 500 sale, as the fulfillment costs behind each are the same. Translation: look for economies of scale. Play the board, not the rack. Too often in Scrabble, people are simply focused on the seven tiles on their rack and trying to make a word as long as possible. But in Scrabble, sometimes playing one letter can be much more valuable, like playing a 10-point letter Z on a triple letter space. Don't be so focused on the trees that you can't see the forest. The point of business is to grow as quickly as you can, and the easier you make it, the better. Translation: never lose focus on the big picture goal. Related:  Turning Passion Into Profits: From Playing Games to Playing for Profit Look for multiple word opportunities. I love when opponents only create one word on the board, simply working from one open letter. That limits their score to only that one new word. But had they added an "S" to an existing word on the board, and created a new word off that "S, " they would not only have scored points for their new word, but they also would have scored points for the existing word on the board, doubling up their score in the process. Whatever business initiatives you are launching, think through multiple ways to drive revenues. For example, at my iExplore travel business, we not only tried to drive revenue from consumer sales for our tours, we also looked for corporate sales opportunities for those tours. Translation: kill two birds with one stone to leverage your fixed investment. Play defensively. In Scrabble, you never want to play a word (even a high-scoring word) if it opens up an opportunity for your competitor to play a word on a triple-word space in their next turn. Triple-word opportunities are the best, and fastest, opportunities to accumulate a lot of points. So take those opportunities for yourself. Don't provide your competitors with any "low-hanging fruit" to pick up market share against you. This could be as simple as you not bidding on a major contract in your industry, allowing your competitor to walk away with it unchallenged. Or not showering your existing clients with "love" and terrific service, making it easier for your competitors to come in and steal the relationship. Translation: play to win. Hopefully, this post not only helped improve your business strategies, but maybe you can more easily beat the next person you play in Scrabble. Related:  Is Your Product a 'Vitamin' or 'Painkiller? '.

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