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Correspondent: Maddie Connors
Bio: Host of You're Gonna Love This @ Lyric Hyperion COMEDIAN!


  • Benny Safdie
  • Abstract - Howie Ratner (Adam Sandler) is a once successful New York gems dealer who's gambling addiction has left his family and career in shambles, and him hundreds of thousands in debt, Always looking for the next big bet, Howie thinks he finally hit it big when he discovers a rare uncut rock of Ethiopian gems, with a very interested high-profile buyer. But the closer Howie gets to finally winning big, the more he is forced to realize he can't keep running from the consequences of his actions
  • Cast - Suin Zhi Hua-Hilton
  • User Rating - 8,2 of 10 Star
  • country - USA
  • Creator - Benny Safdie


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Hey everyone, I’m looking to film a movie I wrote this summer. The script is actually a sequel to ‘A Walk To Remember’ which came out in 2002 with ‪Mandy Moore‬ and that other guy. In this post I have included the first few pages of my script along with my price point and negotiable elements that I’m willing to cave on. (See below for more info). If you join me, As part of the team, we can debate what’s best for the movie. For now, enjoy my script and reach out if it’s a project that catches your interest. Firstly, here is some Background about the movie, ‘A Walk To Remember’: As we all know, ‪ the story ‬is about a woman (Jamie, played my Mandy Moore) who falls in love with a guy named (Landon, played by that one guy). Both Jamie and Landon are in high school and work up a romance and overt sexual tension while working on a school play. That tension is also ramped up by the fact Jamie has cancer through the whole movie (and knew it) but declined to inform Landon. After telling him the bad news, Landon seeks to end his sexual frustration by getting married to Jamie, but it is quite clear they never bang. She dies and Landon is sad because his efforts were futile. I speak for all of America that this plot was deeply unsatisfying. Hence, I’ve recognized an opportunity to fix the story’s broken narrative with a classy story line that will restore the first film’s low rewatch-ability rate. (You can do a something search for the Trailer of this film for reference) My sequel, titled, ‘A Run I Should Forget’, starts off with a revised understanding of the first. At the start of our film, the viewer learns that Jamie isn’t actually dead. She played Landon like a fool and pretended to die to get insurance money. Because of her revenue grab, she is now living in sunny Cleveland Ohio and is happy. She is letting her true character shine now that she is free from Landon. For example, she has both arms covered in full sleeve tattoos and smokes weed throughout the day with her squad while contemplating her next hustle. Meanwhile Landon is in the midst of an opioid addiction and still living in North Carolina. He has lost his front tooth and spends his day looking for used cigarette butts to smoke. But then one day, Landon learns one day Jamie isn’t really dead while sitting on his toilet seat at the county jail. What happens is that the local news plays a story that shows a composite sketch of a wanted female that looks exactly like her. So because of this, he starts up a training regimen so he can find her and seek revenge. Sample Script Below: Intro Scene: Cleveland Ohio, a beautiful house right outside of downtown, shortly after 10am. After we show several shots of the city, we show Jamie walk outside on her front porch and sitting down a chair to roll a blunt. She is doing an expert job at rolling it tightly and as she is almost done finished, a neighbor rolls up on a bike to see about joining her for a smoke. Neighbor: hey yo, Jamie, let me get in on that with you. Jamie: naw not right now... Neighbor: aww come on, let me hit it once... (Jamie lights up the blunt and a heavy stream of weed smoke exits out her nostrils before voicing her displeasure with being hassled. ) Jamie: Mama bear said NO. But if you’re having trouble hearing me, my friend here will clean out yo ears.... (Jamie’s pulls out a p229 sig Saur with an extended clip and casually shows it to the neighbor) Neighbor: shit Jamie, it ain’t like that. I just wanted to kick it, I ain’t mean any disrespect or nuthin. Jamie: seems like yo ass had to ask me twice though. And I told you not to call me by my slave name. You call me mama bear, understand that? Now get yo ass off of my lawn, I need my alone time. Neighbor: you got it mama bear, anything you say. I’m sorry again. (Jamie walks back inside to her nice house as the rap music in the background becomes slightly louder. As she enters the kitchen which is filled with a small number of Mexicans from Columbia, she is all business, taking a little yayo on her pinky finger to test the product. After inhaling a little bump, she contemplates whether or not the product is good. She seems ok with the quality but not the quantity in front of her. Her drug coordinator speaks up first to break the ice... Diego: Senora Bear De La Madre, do you like? Shall we load it or no? Jamie: Diego, I said 60 pounds. This looks more like 40. You tryna play me? If I find out you‘re cutting into my shit, I swear... Deigo: No senora, never. We could not get the full amount, one of our trucks got-‘ (Jamie slaps him across the face to silence him and the points her index finger at him while delivering a stern warning) Jamie: ¡Puta Madre! me falles me otra vez. Deigo: Si.... (After Diego pees his pants, Jamie orders the men to take him away and to load the product in the truck. Later in the film, we show Diego getting shot in the forehead in a field for his failure as Jamie watches and smokes a new blunt) New Scene: Courthouse, North Carolina, start of a new trail for Landon. Bailiff: All rise for the honorable Judge Renee Scott. This hearing is set in motion for the state of North Carolina VS. Landon Carter. (The judge walks in and tells the crowd they may be seated) Judge Scott: Well Mr. Carter it looks like your back again today for breaking the law. I haven’t read through the report yet but I am going to bet you were caught trying selling sex acts to a fraternity again. Would that be right? Landon: Yes your honor. But I needed the money. Judge Scott: Oh yeah? For what exactly? Landon: Your Honor I needed to buy some drugs. It was my mistake, I thought this was ok since I was white, I got some bad information from my lawyer. (Landon’s Lawyer stands up and breaks in) Lawyer: Your honor with all due respect, you see where I was coming from right? Judge Scott: Your lawyer is correct, per state regulations it’s only a small fine based on your pigment. But that fine escalates every time you get caught trying to hoe yourself out. You’ve been caught trying to handjob so many fraternity members on college campuses for money that you are now looking at jail. Why are you so stupid? Don’t you know frats are just gay orgies full of drugs? Landon: Your honor, my wife died of Leukemia. We had even gotten married but I never got to put it inside her before she died and that sucked. So I ask you, and the Jury, and I ask people of this country, haven’t I been the one wronged? Isn’t this... isn’t this country the place where a man can meet a woman and empty his nut sack with her physical support if he is a good and decent person? Haven’t MY rights been violated? (The camera shows people in the courtroom nodding their head head yes. The judge smiles and takes off her glasses to make a ruling on the case). Judge: You may be right. And It’s unfortunate your girlfriend is dead. And though I’m not a doctor and don’t understand how leukemia works, I am quite sure that’s the same disease where the patient defecates themselves repeatedly before the lights go out. However Landon, you have made bad choices. I feel like Israel, my hands are tied. I am sending you to two weeks in Jail and fining you 250 dollars. Bailiff, take Mar. Carter here to the rehab oriented jail for white people but instruct the warden to hold off on Mr. Landon here getting any morning massage therapy and absolutely no Domiane Leroy of any sort after dinner. Bailiff:.. honor, are you sure? Judge: Yes, bailiff. But I see you may be confused, he just has a little bit of a tan from being out in the sun, it will wear off in a few days. Landon: Your honor this isn’t fair! Judge: Bite your tongue... Bite it. One more outburst and I swear to F I am going to erupt. Now go and serve your time, son. And Get yourself together too, you smell like nutsack of John Goodman. (The Judge hits her gavel down, End of scene) New Scene: Landon rides bus to jail and ironically is seated next to Eric Hunter, the black guy from the first film. Eric was arrested for failing to use his turning signal when pulling out of his driveway on his way to volunteer at a homless shelter) Eric:.. after 6 more months, Judge says I can start making 1 minute collect phone calls again. Finally something to be hopeful for, after this I’m gonna live my life in a whole new one day. Landon: Yeah well that sucks. Looks like we both got a bad deal. Too bad Jamie is dead, I could use her emotional support right now... (Landon looks out of the window at the woods and thinks of a fond memory before sharing more thoughts with Eric. ) Landon:..... she actually used to practice her suck offs on me in the woods after school. Now here I am, heading to jail. And sure, the quality will be even better, but having to give someone a full pack of cigarettes for just one suck off defeats the purpose. Jamie would never charge me a pack of cigarettes... she loved me. Eric:... I thought you said she wouldn’t spit on it though? You don’t think that’s suspicious? Landon: yeah she was weird about spitting on it but she made good slurping noises. Eric: it might sound crazy, but Sometimes that’s all you need brotha. i do believe you can love someone who doesn’t spit on it if their slurp game is on point. Landon:.... I guess you’re right. (we should the bus head towards a collection of buildings that make up the state’s county jail, end of scene) New Scene: Cleveland Ohio. Jamie is sitting on a weight bench in her front hard and Rehearsing some lyrics she is writing in her notebook that is resting on her knee when a text comes in on her cell. She pauses her writing to read it. Jamie: (practicing lyrics) ”ha ha bitch, I played you like a fool in school” ”said I had leukemia, that I was dying, its coo” ”I never let you inside, dis pussy is expensive” “so why you pensive? Aint ya know that Jamie never met-cha?! ” ”the real Jamie deep, she ain’t a trick that does plays” ”her name is mama bear, and I play tricks all day! ” (After rapping out the lyrics, Jamie nods her head and smiles for she is Happy with her progress as a rapper. Then suddenly her phone indicates a text has come through) Text: ‘Everything went fine, we will be over around 3p with the money. ’ (Jamie smiles and looks over at her two pit bulls in the yard. Their names are Malia and Bone. She talks to them both to report on her happiness) Jamie: You hear that girls? If mama bear moves another unit this week, that means I’ll have enough to lay down my record at the studio and drop some copies in the street. Looks like we are almost there. (a few minutes later, Jamie lights a new blunt and looks at the sunset. While she is in thought, one of her drug mules Carlito comes up to her to inform her of some more news) Carlito: Senora Bear De La Madre, I have some news you going to want to here. Jamie: is it good or bad? Carlito: it’s how you say... ’bad’? Jamie: just say it’s ’bad’ then. Carlito: ok si. Senora, The news is no good. Jamie: God damn it, what is it? Carlito: remember that gringo in the Carolina of the North? The one you played for insurance money? Jamie: Yes. Carlito: he go to jail now, he locked up. Apparently he was caught trying to sell hand jobs to a frat house and was caught after his 4th sell.... Jamie: did he get a tan or something? How would he get a sentence? It doesn’t make sense, His white privilege should have bypassed the court’s ruling. FUCK. I can’t have him in the clink being all emotional and talking about me. Carlito: I have no idea Why the judge was so harsh. maybe the lighting was low in the courthouse or something? either way, If he in jail, he could learn more about you. He might find out you’re not dead. This could be no good. Want me to have a toothbrush shoved in his side? Jamie: (thinks for a minute while blowing out a few smoke rings) No. for right now, do nothing. I never spit on it for this reason and that convinces me he must have moved on. I gotta go take a shit, leave the money on the table and I’ll weigh it tomorrow. carlito: Si New Scene: Jail Cell. Landon is having major symptoms of withdrawal as two groups of prisoners make bids on selling him for a varying amount of cigarettes that will dictate whose team he is on for Charades. Then suddenly, while Accompanied by two guards, The warden is heard walking down the hall so the prisoners quickly disperse and act like nothing was happening. The warden stops by landon’s cell to deliver a personal message. Warden: Well Well Well, look at this sorry son of a bitch. Enjoying the food? Landon: it’s actually been pretty good in comparison to what I have been eating on the streets. Warden: oh yeah? What did you eat on the streets exactly? Landon: Poop. Warden:.. that it? Landon: and a piece of cardboard once. But I didn’t like it. I read your file. Your wife died and then you got into drugs and now you’re here, in my jail. Well guess what, there is no escape from here and believe me, you are serving every bit of your entire 2 week sentence. Even if you were to inspect the wall behind you and notice there is a cinder block that is loose or something, you’d find that once you got behind that wall, you’d have to crawl through a large pipe that leads out to the river. But then what would do? Sure you could grab some clothes from a nearby fisherman and take some of his money and walk into town and dye your hair, but then what? You trying to tell me that if you were to enter into an elevator, you’d manage to have a conversation with one of our cops and that he wouldn’t recognize you? How would that happen? Please, explain how any of this would work. (The guards laugh with the warden after he asks Landon this question). Landon: what If I just talked about the weather and put on a fake mustache? when the cop asked what I was up to, I’d just say working overtime for a wife that doesn’t appreciate me. Then he would say ‘ha story of my life’ and then we’d laugh and go our separate ways. (after a pause, one of the guards breaks in to comment) Guard 1 (Jimmy): sir, That would probably work, actually... Warden: (ignores the guard and stares down Landon) ahh so you’re a little smart ass eh? Jimmy, Cancel the evening massage therapy for our inmate here, 4-2-0-6-9. Maybe that will teach him some respect and help with his rehabilitation. Landon: WAIT! SIR! PLEASE. (Landon grabs the bars and pleads for the warden to be ethical) Warden: you shut your mouth boy. I know your kind. Keep being smart with me and I’ll see to it that the house staff doesn’t stop by your cell tomorrow. In other words, you’ll have to clean it yourself, you stupid head. Ta Ta. (The warden walks away smiling as Landon screams and wrestles with the iron bars in front of him in protest. After realizing it’s useless to fight it, Landon sits down on a chair in his jail cell with 3 more days to go in his sentence and then notices there is a loose brick in his back wall) Landon: (speaking to himself while examining a loose brick) holy shit... (Landon’s Cellmate, an older man, notices what he has discovered and breaks in) Cellmate: don’t do it kid. even if you managed to escape, they’d find ya. Landon: I was just looking. Or maybe I am just trying to distract myself from my wife who died of Leukemia.. Cellmate: shit I’m sorry. Tell you what, when I get out, I’ll be more than happy to find this Mr. Leukemia guy and take him down with you. he is Russian isnt he? I bet he is connected, we are gonna need guns. Landon: no leukemia is a type of cancer, not a person. But I appreciate your offer. Cellmate: shit you’re right, my mistake. so then... what are you gonna do to avenge her death? Landon: avenge her death? thats not possible, Are you High? Cellmate: oh it can be done. If you take the right combination of drugs and play the song ‘miss you’ by The Rolling Stones on repeat, anything is possible. Landon: sorry bud, but that’s hard to believe... Cellmate: its true. it opens up another dimension and it allows you to communicate with the ghost world. they have all the answers and plus they can teleport. Landon: yes But most ghosts are bad. I heard them in my house making noises in the basement to scare me. And one time I went poo pee in my pants when it was really windy outside and a ghost decided to knock over a flower pot on the outside of our house. I went outside to yell at them but they had left. Cellmate:.. a minute... a flower pot? Was this after your wife died? and were you high? Landon: Yes... and yes I was. why? Cellmate: Son you might not believe what im about to say. But Your wife is still alive. The knocking over of flowers is how ghosts send a message to our reality. That ghost was trying to help you. Landon: bullshit. Cellmate: still don’t believe me huh? Here I’ll prove it you. (The cellmate scribbles a number on a piece of paper and folds it before handing it to Landon). pick a number between 0 and 100 and let me know when you have it. Landon: ok got it, Cellmate: now open that paper i just handed you. (landon opens the paper and reads the number “69” unable to believe the cellmate was Infact correct) Landon: How did you... I didn’t even.. Cellmate: after we have massage therapy tomorrow, meet me in the courtyard by the tennis courts. -End of sample script- Essentials: I’m looking for anyone with a camera and connections to Mandy Moore and that has access to a bunch of the filming locations. Hiring Mandy is also going to cost several hundred alone so someone who has connections to a producer, that would be cool too. Moreover, I’m looking for people who want to join my team and do something special. I left my high paying job after 11 years to see about this project and my family is not happy so I have lots to prove. And I will prove them wrong. And if I don’t, then I will prove them right. Mark my words. But my services go far beyond simply writing the script. With that comes my on site pre/post production consultation which will be needed to ensure the sequel is filmed in the right way. Absolutes: Mandy Moore must retain roll of Jamie and it would be advisable that Landon is played by the same guy as before if he still alive in real life. If he is dead then Dustin Diamond, Ian Ziering or Jake Gyllenhaal will do (same level of talent). It’s also imperative that Jamie does flee to Cleveland Ohio and that all related shots are filmed in Cleveland. Yes I am aware that will explode the budget but it will illustrate Jamie is a person of taste and bright visions. Other Services: Aside from consulting on the script I will also provide the following services: - critiquing a table read of the script by actors during pre production- Applying Lotion to Mandy Moore’s body before scenes, in her trailer with candles lit... light jazz in the background- Assessing product placement- Ensuring lighting meets union standards. - I make a pretty decent chicken salad for cast and crew- Site supervision- Set supervisions- Thoughts and opinions in general- Suggestions on how to make shots look cool or really good- sharing my thoughts about Uncut Gems, which are truthfully mixed- Emotional support for Mandy if she is overwhelmed, needs shoulder rub- Set rehearsal- Dress rehearsal- Chasing down Mandy Moore after she storms off set and following her to her trailer, asking her what’s wrong, telling her she is special before accidentally spilling water on my shirt before she tells me to take it off. I tell her it’s late and that I should go but she places her index finger up to my lips and says ‘shhhh’- Key Grip and Dolly Support- coordination with city regarding daytime shoots So for anyone out there who is Serious about making a really good movie, please reach out and let’s do this. I mean it when I say we are going to build something special together. You are also agreeing to for free as an intern as it’s imperative the profits go to me. We are unable to provide shelter during nighttime shoots. Unfortunately I no longer have access to my house and will be staying with Mandy in her/our trailer, talking about life and feelings, etc. So are you ready? Let’s make a movie! Let’s do this! Miguel P. S. do not steal any of my ideas from this post. I am also willing to sell my script to the highest bidder or to a gift certificate to Chipotle. The choice is yours.

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